The Blue Knob Ski Patrol is a non-profit organization. The ski patrol provides emergency response services inside of Blue Knob All Seasons Resort during normal operating hours.

Located in Blair County, PA, The Blue Knob All Seasons Resort Ski Patrol is an affiliate of the National Ski Patrol and Professional Ski Patrol Association.

Our Mission

The mission of the Blue Knob Ski Patrol is to provide education, mitigation, emergency medical and rescue response, and search services for all patrons and employees on the Blue Knob All Seasons Resort property.

The Blue Knob Ski Patrol offers a high degree of service with dedicated, highly trained, and experienced employees. The ski patrol uses modern equipment and methods in an effective and efficient manner.

About the Blue Knob Ski Patrol

The Ski Patrol is the primary outdoor emergency response organization serving the Blue Knob Resort. A non-profit professional organization, the Patrol provides snow sport safety education, emergency medical care, hazard mitigation, and search and rescue services.

Consisting of both volunteer and paid patrollers, the team is a member of the National Ski Patrol, which serves the public and outdoor recreation industry. For more information about the Blue Knob Ski Patrol, visit