Blue Knob All Seasons Resort Is Proud To Host The Global Powerline Academy Training Site!

Power line contractors and utility companies are facing a severe shortage of line workers to fill their future needs. But to reach the level of journeyman, a worker typically spends 3½ to 5 years learning and training. Global Powerline Academy has designed and developed a lineman training pre-apprenticeship program to meet the needs for teaching these fundamentals to the next generation of essential line workers. This program provides a solid foundation for a student to continue structuring his or her advancement toward a “journeyman” classification. and also aids employers in the selection of future employees.

As of 2019, a journeyman lineman can make as much as $50/hr in Pennsylvania. Students leaving GPLA’s program have started paid apprenticeships and other jobs earning from $15/hr all the way up to $27.50/hr.
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