8-9  yesterday"" 11-22"

Ski Conditions

We will have snowmobile races on Sat. 3/4 - check back for details!
Ski/Trail Conditions: Will update for Fri. 3/3.
Today's Temperature: High 40 / Low 33
Today's Weather: Variably cloudy with possible drizzle.
Primary surface:  Will update for Fri. 3/3.
Base:  10-18 
New Snow:  0  
Trails Open: Will update for Fri. 3/3.
Lifts Open: 0


Trail Information

Trail Open Groomed
Upper Mambo Alley Yes Yes
Lower Mambo Alley No No
Snow Drop - Beginner's Area No No
Knee Bend No No
Run Out Yes Yes
Upper Short Way No No
Upper Route 66 Yes Yes
Jack Rabbit No No
Upper Expressway No No
Lower Expressway No No
Upper High-Hopes No No
Burma Road No No
Ritchey's Run No No
Shortway No No
Deer Run No No
Skyline Glades No No
Forever Glades No No
Laurel Run Glades No No
Triple Glades No No
Lower High Hopes No No
East-Wall Traverse No No
Edgeset No No
Stembogan Bowl No No
Stembogan Trail No No
Stembogan Field No No
Ditch Glades No No
Upper Extrovert No No
Lower Extrovert No No
East Wall Glades No No
D-Trail No No
Lower Route 66 No No
Lower Shortway No No
Short Cut No No
The Playground No No